WildstreamTV was founded by wildlife filmmakers S-J Cooper-White and Philip Dalton.

wildstream tv is a community interest company

We build networks of ultrahigh definition cameras that record wildlife continuously every hour and every day throughout the seasons. Each setup is the result of many years of fieldcraft to produce immersive and seldom seen behaviours of our iconic British Wildlife. This includes often never seen creatures such as Kingfishers, Otters and Barn Owls. We then install 4K screens with our ‘slow tv’ footage to health and community settings where access to wildlife or nature is difficult.

how communities benefit

Communities benefit from our work by having access to high quality, seldom seen wildlife and natural behaviours. There are both mental and physical health benefits to connecting with high quality wildlife footage whilst unable to physically. For example, where a screen is installed within a Cancer Care Centre where the environment is sterile with no outside view. Day patients can often sit in the same room for hours undergoing treatment. A natural scene where a Kingfisher lands on a perch and catches a fish is gentle and engaging and lifts the spirit of mood of both patient and staff. We embrace the ‘Slow TV’ concept where the footage plays out in real time. Whilst this is not a live streaming service, it does ‘feel’ live when watching.

As professional wildlife filmmakers we have the experience and skills to produce high quality and highly engaging footage, capturing viewers imaginations and desire to understand more. Our footage is extremely natural and is captured remotely by an unmanned camera network, ensuring that the wildlife is not affected by any human interaction.

The ‘slow tv’ style provides a calming and engaging viewing experience. The remote cameras provide a ‘window’ to a single magical and intimate viewpoint. There are no fast cuts or music, just peaceful and rarely seen wildlife moments captured in stunning 4K resolution. We are dedicated to creating a much needed window into the natural world in environments devoid of nature to promote mindfulness and wellbeing.

Women watching wildlife

In addition to our film work, WildstreamTV is committed to raising awareness for equal access to wildlife watching on reserves and remote places across the UK.


Contact Us

Wildstream TV is based in Somerset, England.

To contact Wildstream TV, please email info@wildstreamtv.co.uk