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WildstreamTV produces natural, seldom seen footage of Britain’s most loved wildlife. This is done through a combination of experienced fieldcraft, years of rewilding, technical capability and creative direction. The camera networks are remote and unmanned, allowing for a completely natural insight into the lives of wild kingfishers, otters, barn owls and more.

The project was founded by wildlife television producer Philip Dalton and filmmaker, S-J Cooper-White.

can you help us?

We are completely self funded and provide our slow tv screens for hospitals for free. There has been considerable spend on technology and we are always developing our work to benefit, connect and educate the public. We welcome any corporate sponsors or individual support. If you feel this could be you, please do contact us info@wildstreamtv.co.uk

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Wildstream TV is based in Somerset, England.

To contact Wildstream TV, please email info@wildstreamtv.co.uk