There is much evidence to support the positive benefits of wildlife and health, both mentally and physically.

WildstreamTV is partnering with the Somerset Wildlife Trust to supply the Beacon Cancer Centre with its first ‘slow tv’ installation for cancer patients.

The concept of ‘slow tv’ started in Norway and has proved to be quite a phenomenon allowing viewers to unwind and find deeper relaxation. WildstreamTV provides footage in this vein for hospital settings where patients cannot access the outdoors. Our gentle yet fascinating captures of British wildlife shows seldom seen behaviours often never seen by many. We focus primarily (but not exclusively) on Kingfishers, Otters and Barn Owls.

WildstreamTV provides 4K television screens loaded with footage. There is no internet connection required, it is simply plug and play.

If you have a setting where you feel a ‘slow tv’ screen would benefit people, please do get in touch.