a kingfisher fishing from a perch

Kingfisher fishing from perch

It was wonderful to see this Kingfisher starting to use the ‘winter’ perch again. This branch does not get used over the summer months due to the reeds growing too high and making fishing impossible.

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a wild otter and a kingfisher

Otter and Kingfisher on the same patch

It was lovely to see this stunning otter during the day. It visited the holt which is near the Kingfisher perch and the two were very nearly in the same shot!  

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three kingfishers on the same perch stealing from older kingfisher fledgling

Three Kingfishers on same perch fighting over fish

The Kingfisher that lands with the fish is a juvenile female from the second brood on this patch. The next two that land are younger fledglings from the third brood. Incredible tenacity! You’ll be pleased to hear the young female has started standing up for herself and doesn’t give up the next fish…you can watch

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younger kingfisher tries to steal fish out of mouth of older sibling kingfisher

Kingfisher does not give up fish this time!

After losing her prize fish to the younger fledglings, this older sibling decides to run rings around the little fledgling and right at the end keeps a firm grip on her next catch. This is wonderful sibling rivalry at play.

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2 kingfishers and a chub

This lovely young fledgling is initially followed by a sibling which whizzes under the bridge. Notice the Chub cruising in the shallows below.  

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showing otters in the wild

Mother otter and her two cubs

We were really excited to see this mother and 2 cubs visit one of our sites recently. Watch how the cubs stay back to let mum go first!

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New Otter Cam Angle.

We are always finding ways to improve our footage and are currently working on replacing some of the 1080 cameras over to 4K. This takes quite a bit of trial and error on the settings so takes time before we get the footage just as we need it. Lots of waiting on otters to appear

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Male Kingfisher hovers from perch

This male Kingfisher has just returned to the site as we think his partner is on eggs. Watch him hover at the end of the clip.

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Kingfisher Cam – The one that got away

This young Male kingfisher is having a hard time holding onto his fish. Kingfishers bash sticklebacks to soften their defensive spines. But this technique takes time to acquire. Will this be a sticky end for the stickleback? Watch to the end to find out.

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Otter Cam – Sleepy young otter in holt

We made a wooden holt in the hope that a wild otter might use it. We fitted it with remote, infrared cameras and left it well alone. On Christmas Day, 2018, this young otter takes a nap.

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badger climbs tree

Badger Cam – Scrumpy Jack

Is this the most determined badger you’ve ever seen? When the juiciest looking apple is just out of reach…

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Otter Cam – Double Trouble

Wildstream TV celebrates World Otter Day with the International Otter Survival Fund www.otter.org in bringing you this humorous short film of 2 young otters and a playmate. Filmed at an undisclosed location in the UK. If you’d like to help the IOSF, please visit their website and read about the amazing work they do around

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an otter in the holt

Otter Cam – Episode 1 – Holt Confidential

A wild, UK otter has chosen a manmade holt to settle down in. We follow the charming behaviour of this sleepy, dreamy character. But will she stay a contented otter? Stay tuned for the next episode of Holt Confidential.  

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Barn Owl Cam – Episode 1

The Barn Owls have returned this year but is the female interested? With a bitterly cold start to Spring and snow on the ground, it’s not been an easy start. You can read our news item about these owls, here. The breeding cycle often starts in late winter and by early spring pairs are usually

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Barn Owl Cam – Episode 2

Just as these 2 Barn Owls were starting their bonding, a huge disruption occurs in the box. Will they return after this?  

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Barn Owl Cam – Episode 3

After the pigeon in the owl box, we had no idea whether the Barn Owls would return. It took several days before the female decided to settle in the box again.

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Barn Owl Cam – Episode 4

The Barn Owls are now looking after the clutch of eggs but the pigeons are not yet ready to give up…

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Moorhen Cam – Moor or Less

We’re not entirely sure what this little Moorhen is up to. With up to 7 eggs already laid, she’s not yet ready to start incubating…

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Kingfisher Cam – Huge fish, not sharing!

This is one hungry Kingfisher. We first see a female with no luck. Then a male lands a truly huge fish and struggles to know what to do with it – but will he share with his mate? The below image shows a usual size catch compared to the monster catch on the right!  

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