Otter Cam – Sleepy young otter in holt

We made a wooden holt in the hope that a wild otter might use it. We fitted it with remote, infrared cameras and left it well alone. On Christmas Day, 2018, this young otter takes a nap.

14 responses to “Otter Cam – Sleepy young otter in holt

  1. This footage has made my Friday so lovely to see and watch the otter so contented,relaxed in warm holt

  2. So, so, so good – and set to some beautifully simple music. Thank you for making this little otter a happy otter.

  3. Just watched this again. So relaxing & calming. Is that a vole or rat that scuttles away as the otter enters the holt?

  4. This is beautiful. Brought a smile to my face. Such a rare sight into their sleeping habits. Music was beautiful too.

  5. Wonderful footage of an elusive creature. I managed to get a photo of an otter today after years of trying!

  6. Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Should be recommended watching for all of us jaded townies who are battling through the tube system in order to keep the creaky economy barely functioning. Thank you!

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