The intimate life of barn owls

Follow the journey of nesting Barn Owls as their story unfolds, stage by stage. Undisclosed, UK location.

Barn Owl Cam – Episode 1

The Barn Owls have returned this year but is the female interested? With a bitterly cold start to Spring and snow on the ground, it’s not been an easy start. You can read our news item about these owls, here. The breeding cycle often starts in late winter and by early spring pairs are usually

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Barn Owl Cam – Episode 2

Just as these 2 Barn Owls were starting their bonding, a huge disruption occurs in the box. Will they return after this?  

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Barn Owl Cam – Episode 3

After the pigeon in the owl box, we had no idea whether the Barn Owls would return. It took several days before the female decided to settle in the box again.

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Barn Owl Cam – Episode 4

The Barn Owls are now looking after the clutch of eggs but the pigeons are not yet ready to give up…

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