Holt Confidential

Follow the incredible sleepy antics of a female otter in a wild holt. Undisclosed UK location.

Otter Cam – Sleepy young otter in holt

We made a wooden holt in the hope that a wild otter might use it. We fitted it with remote, infrared cameras and left it well alone. On Christmas Day, 2018, this young otter takes a nap.

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Otter Cam – Double Trouble

Wildstream TV celebrates World Otter Day with the International Otter Survival Fund www.otter.org in bringing you this humorous short film of 2 young otters and a playmate. Filmed at an undisclosed location in the UK. If you’d like to help the IOSF, please visit their website and read about the amazing work they do around

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an otter in the holt

Otter Cam – Episode 1 – Holt Confidential

A wild, UK otter has chosen a manmade holt to settle down in. We follow the charming behaviour of this sleepy, dreamy character. But will she stay a contented otter? Stay tuned for the next episode of Holt Confidential.  

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