Enjoy some of the short clips from our films.

otter mum ad cub at holt

Mother otter encouraging cub

This is a really special sequence showing a mother otter encouraging cultural learning and exploration whilst she holds back from her cub. A lesson in independence as the cub gets older. Mum keeping watch while her youngster inspects the holt. Great behaviour!

underwater cam of Pike and eels

Pike and Eel

The wonderful underwater world showing a healthy river system full of fish, including these beautiful Jack pike and eel.

sleeping kingfisher

Where does a Kingfisher go to sleep?

We’ve been on a quest to learn how Kingfishers sleep. Where do they go at night and what do they do? I recommend you watch this short film below, in the dark with headphones on and you’ll feel like you’re right there. Listen to the rain, the thunder, the owls and the cuckoo.

Kingfisher taking a nap

This male kingfisher is taking a 30 minute nap on a sheltered perch. Watch the moment he opens his eyelid. Notice the feather stuck to his bill!

wild otter in the daytime

Wild otter visit in the day time

A nice visit from this wild otter whilst still daylight. You can see the bubble trail as it arrives. This is a good sized otter, marking a territory with its spraint before leaving. It has a good sniff of the camera, too.

wild otter cub footage

Otter cub and mum

Mother and cub visit most evenings at the moment but we’re now seeing the cub become far more independent, with mum holding back to let her little otter cub take the lead.

kingfisher bathing

Kingfisher’s early morning bath in the shadows

This was filmed at 5.30am as the mist was still rolling across the river. You’ll see how drenched this Kingfisher gets, something we’ve not seen much of. We’ve also noticed this female kingfisher has a slightly twisted beak. This clip shows how flat looking the feather colouring can be when the sun is not directly … Continued

a clip of an otter and a kingfisher

Kingfisher and Otter

It was lovely to see this stunning otter during the day. It visited the holt which is near the Kingfisher perch and the two were very nearly in the same shot!

Kingfisher on my hand

Kingfisher sits on my hand

This was an incredible moment when Founder, S-J saw one of the male Kingfisher’s strike a window. It was momentarily stunned but sat on her hand until it was ready to fly again. He is doing fine and we’ve watched him fishing happily from his perch.

Kingfishers Courting

Kingfisher Courtship

This is an interesting clip. It shows the start of the courtship for these two Kingfishers. The male arrives with a far smaller fish to offer to the female. A gesture that is common at the start of their relationship. He looks a bit crestfallen watching her struggle with that huge snack. Better luck next … Continued

Grey wagtail catches fly

Grey Wagtail catches fly!

A stunning Grey Wagtail lands on the Kingfisher perch and does a merry spin before catching a fly.

Kingfisher and chubb

2 Kingfishers and a Chub

This lovely young fledgling is initially followed by a sibling which whizzes under the bridge. Notice the Chub cruising in the shallows below.

3 Kingfishers on perch

Three Kingfishers on the same perch

The Kingfisher that lands with the fish is a juvenile female from the second brood on this patch. The next two that land are younger fledglings from the third brood. Incredible tenacity! You’ll be pleased to hear the young female has started standing up for herself and doesn’t give up the next fish…

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