All of our footage is captured by unmanned, remote cameras, including this clip above. As professional wildlife filmmakers we film wonderfully natural behaviour of kingfishers, otters, owls and other British wildlife. Our full length films are slow paced and authentic, giving the viewer the sense of a live camera view. WildstreamTV is a Community Interest Company and as such, our films are installed onto screens in places such as hospitals, GP surgeries and other care settings where access to the natural world may be difficult. You can enjoy some short clips here.

Wellbeing is at the forefront of our work, for both wildlife and human beings.

WildstreamTV is a catalyst for meaningful, natural connections where individuals, communities and environments benefit.

The founders of WildstreamTV

The Founders

WildstreamTV was founded by Philip Dalton and S-J Cooper-White

It was a true meeting of minds when Philip and S-J met on social media after posting footage of otters from their respective gardens. In a twist of fate, they lived just 15 minutes from each other in neighbouring villages on the Somerset Levels. Both professional filmmakers with an obsession of all things otter and kingfisher, their friendship soon grew.

Philip has been a professional wildlife filmmaker for television for over 20 years and has travelled the world filming nature. S-J has been a creative director for a multitude of sectors and also runs a wildlife filmmaking school on the Isle of Mull and Somerset.

Together they developed unique ways of capturing seldom seen behaviours of wildlife in their gardens, from otters to kingfishers, barn owls and more. What started out as a passion project grew into WilldstreamTV. This Community Interest Company was born from a desire to connect and engage more people to the magical world of wildlife. The idea to install the calming, slow paced footage into care settings was inspired after S-J spent time in intensive care after suffering a brain injury from a motorbike accident.

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