Miranda Krestovnikoff becomes WildstreamTV Ambassador.

We are proud to announce Miranda Krestovnikoff as WildstreamTV’s Ambassador. Miranda is a much loved presenter on shows such as Countryfile and The One Show as well as being the President of the RSPB. Miranda and her family set up a camera in a Kestrel box in their garden and have been fascinated watching the behaviours of this special bird, being lucky enough to watch eggs hatch and chicks fledge.

Miranda’s active support is hugely appreciated as we undergo a year of development, research and fundraising; she says:

“Watching wildlife requires patience and time – it’s not something that just happens when you flick a switch.  Wildstream TV masters this with their unique footage of dazzling kingfishers and otters in their natural habitat – doing what they do – naturally.  No human intervention, just pure, natural wildlife behaviour.  

As a viewer, you are drawn into their world. This intimacy results in a genuine relationship with the subject as you observe the fine details of their lives.  It is addictive!”
Miranda will be supporting our work with hospitals and care settings, where we place screens with our 90 minute length ‘slow tv’ films for patients that have little to no access to the outdoor world.

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