WildstreamTV on BBC's One Show

WildstreamTV on BBC’s One Show

In May 2021, we featured in a 4 minute film on BBC’s One Show. It was quite a personal account of co founder, S-J’s, journey to bring WildstreamTV into hospitals.

We had a great day working with the BBC and a real bonus to connect so well with presenter, Gillian Burke – who shortly after filming joined WildstreamTV as friend and Ambassador.

The defining moment of the day was meeting and listening to Carol, the patient who has received chemotherapy whilst watching WildstreamTV at Musgrove Hospital. A few tears were shared and the realisation that WildstreamTV was making a difference.

Not everything was plain sailing and Philip and S-J have amusing memories of crashing a drone in the river and paddling the canoe like mad to save the mornings footage.

WildstreamTV is grateful to everyone involved in the making of the film and to the One Show for inviting us to appear.

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